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  1. I understand you have stopped supporting your Applescript. That’s too bad. What a great idea to release a new product (that you sell) and cripple the free product, however for those of us with Snow Leopard (hardware limitation of iMac Core Duo Media Centre) it pretty much puts us S.O.L.



      • It’s available for purchase in the app store, however under the compatibility it says OS X “10.7 or later, 64 Bit Processor”.
        Granted i haven’t purchased it to try it on 10.6.8, but i generally don’t buy software when it’s advertised as not compatible with my OS Version.


        • Yeah, it appears you’re right. Movie Covers is not guaranteed to work with your version of Mac OS X. I hope you reconsider purchasing it when you upgrade.

  2. Movie Covers worked great for two years. now no longer works. Unable to set track data. The Movie Covers Worklist does not contain the expected single movie track.
    Frustrating. seems to have started since your last update. please help.

    • I have just tested the version that is currently published in the App store. It worked fine for me. Can you tell me the name of your track so that I can try to reproduce the issue here?

      • doesn’t matter which track. have tried it on dozens. the app just no longer works for me after last update.

        • I don’t doubt that it’s not working for you, but I have tested with a few track names in my environment and I can’t reproduce the problem. Could you send me a screenshot. The name of the track in iTunes determines the search. I’d like to rename a track in my library to match a track that’s failing in your library.

          • For the people coming here searching for the error ” Unable to set track data. The Movie Covers Worklist does not contain the expected single movie track.”

            I figured out a solution that worked for me:

            My Movie covers has been working great for years, then suddenly stopped. The reason being I had a duplicate playlist called “movie covers worklist” that contained some old movies in it.


            1) Quit Movie Covers
            2) Open iTunes
            3) Click on Movies icon at top left,
            4) Click on “playlists” at top center.
            5) Scroll down to “M” in the list on the left.
            6)Select each playlist and delete all the entries in the list (Don’t worry, this won’t delete the movie, just the entry in the list!)
            Once empty
            7) Right/Control click on each playlist called Movie Covers Worklist and select “Delete”

            When you restart MovieCovers you’ll see a playlist show up and things should start working again!

  3. My version is running, but it is very slow (10.9.1 on macbook retina). I get the spinning wheel and it takes around 20 to 30 seconds to apply the icon and input the meta data into itunes. Assume this is a bug?

    • Sadly it’s not a bug. There are about twenty fields to update in iTunes to set all of the fields on a track. Each of those updates takes a second or so using the Applescript API provided by Apple, and they have to run in sequence. Unfortunately this is the best method I could find.

  4. Movie Covers worked pretty well for me on Mavericks, but i would greatly appreciate if you could add internationalization. My whole movie library is in german language and while the search function actually does find german movie titles, the search results (title, genre and synopsis) as well as the cover art itself are in english. This is even true for movies, which were originally made in german language.

    I checked themoviedb.org and found, that the language can easily be changed there and then the cover switches to the localized version as well, so it should be easy to support that in Movie Covers.

    Some other features I would appreciate are:
    – batch setting of cover art (if no cover art is already set)
    – ability to specify a custom title if no match is found for the original title in iTunes
    – ability to reset a cover art (to support batch processing, see above)

    Are you planning to add new features in upcoming releases of Movie Covers?


    • Thanks for your feedback. I currently have no plans to develop Movie Covers any further. Unfortunately I already have a full schedule of other development commitments. I will make a note of your ideas for when that changes.

  5. I’m getting: “Unable to set track data. The Movie Covers Worklist does not contain the expected single movie track.” on every movie I choose… why? It worked fine on one of my computers, but on my main computer I’m struggling to set the data the app finds.

    • The program, unfortunately, relies on the “Movie Covers Worklist” being created and having the single track in it that it’s trying to update. Do you see that playlist in your iTunes library?

      • I dumped them all in there, then opened Movie Covers and they were automatically removed… I had iTunes open behind and they all just disappeared from the playlist????

        • The new version of iTunes seems to handle the difference between Home Movies and Movies differently. Can you try selecting a track that you are trying to update and performing a “Get Info”. In the Get Info dialog change it’s type from Home Movie to Movie. After closing that dialog restart Movie Covers and let me know if the track now appears.

  6. I just bought movie covers, and when selecting a movie in my list nothing shows up in the search results. Is this product still supported? Not only is it not working but it it’s not even attempting to work. I tried your freeware apple script as well.

  7. can you make your database recognize torrent movie with names including does annoying dots in between. i.e thor.2011.1080p.brrip.x264.yify.

    or if its any work around.


    • There probably are ways to do this, but if a feature like that ever failed to determine a movie title from the track name, the user would still need a “lowest common denominator” method. I don’t have any plans to implement a feature that attempts to interpret the movie title from the track name.

  8. I’ve got Yosemite and itunes 12.1 on my Mac, but I’ve got my movies on a time capsule. I’ve tried to add covers by hand in vain. The covers are only really added to the file and stay there, when I import the movie originally into the itunes media folder on my mac, add the cover then and there, and THEN copy it to my time capsule. If I try to do that with files that went immediately to the time capsule, the cover shows up for a split second after adding and vanishes again. It either doesn’t work, if I copy a movie from my time capsule to the itunes media folder on my mac, add the cover there (then it shows up in itunes), and move it back. As soon, as it is on my capsule, the cover vanishes.

    That does NOT happen, when the original import went to the itunes media folder and the movie was moved AFTER that.

    So, my question: Will your app also work with the older movies NOT in my itunes folder on my MAC? Will the covers be implemented in the movie files on my time capsule?

    Kind regards,

    • I have no experience with the environment that you are describing. I think that the movie covers application is a degree of complexity that we can remove for now. The testing that you have been doing has been good in that it is dealing with some very fundamental transactions. I think you will find a solution if we continue our testing with some more those fundamental transactions. Like for instance whether or not this symptom of a change briefly taking and then reverting again. Is that specific to movie artwork or does it also happens when you try to update the title of a movie on your time capsule. What about the file system on the time capsule? Do you have write permission to that folder in finder and does that write permission apply to files that already exist? I am wondering if you be successful in just adding a few bytes to any file that you found somewhere on that time capsule volume (backing it up first of course).

  9. Hi,
    is there a way to include the “rating” as a field updated in movie covers – or does anyone have a better idea than the current method I use to update this field by the old metaX application.

    Parent restrictions on my kids computers is set to a rating which doesn’t work when the field is blank for both the R rated horror and the G rated princess movie ! :)


  10. Having trouble with movie covers after El Capitan install. It says “Hold on! Unable to set track data. The Movie Covers Worklist does not contain the expected single movie track.” Please help.

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