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  1. I am having issues with Movie Covers on Mavericks:

    The program constantly returns nothing on the search, it has a color wheel spin going on for long periods of time, and then returns nothing. It worked great for the first time I ran this program but now it is just not performing well.

    • I just tested it and it worked okay for me. Actually, at first I thought there was something wrong, but the test track that I tried gave a bad search. I created a test movie called “zach and miri”. While I was troubleshooting I worked out that it’s Zack with a “k”. Once I renamed the track in iTunes it worked.

      What track name are you trying with?

  2. Hi, I am trying to put in some covers for a few movies, but I keep getting a message that reads “Hold up, Unable to set track data. The Movie Covers wordlist does not contain the expected single movie track.” It pulls the cover up and summery and everything like it use to but when I click on the Update to iTunes, this message keeps popping up. What do I need to do for it to work? Thank you

    • When you click update in Movie Covers, the program creates a playlist and adds the selected track into that track. Can you try creating a playlist for me and manually adding that track to the playlist for me?

  3. Hi

    Just updated to the latest version of iTunes 11.2.2 and all the updates using Movie Covers have disappeared.

    What happened??


    • Hi Wayne,

      I’m sorry to hear that iTunes is not behaving on your machine. I have applied the same update and not had any trouble. If you “Get Info” on a track and check it’s artwork do you still see the cover there?


  4. I have tried about 20 movies and so far have gotten 2 results, when I click the movie I can’t tell if anything is happening. How do I know if the search is not returning anything? My internet connection can be slow so I don’t know if it is being slow or not working at all or can’t find anything…. Running Yosemite and tried the following movies with no result, Amazing Spiderman 2 , The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Broken City, The Guilt Trip, Captain America…… and many more. Pretty popular movies……

  5. I had to go in and edit all my movie names in Itunes, sadly it would not accept The_Guilt_Trip, which is how all my files import so it adds another step to go in and change the name on all my files

    • Well, Movie Covers needs a name to base it’s search on. It seemed like an additional step to type it into the Movie Covers interface when it was likely that the title of the movie was already going to be set. Is this not the case in your library?

  6. I upgraded to Yosemite yesterday, went through about 20 movies after changing the names, then it started freezing every time I hit update cover. Then I updated the ITunes to 12 thinking that might help, but now it is freezing every single time and I can’t do anymore covers….. Advise please? I am on an IMac.

    • I just tested Movie Covers on Yosemite and it seems to be working fine. Can you try…
      – adding a new user to your mac
      – logging in as that user
      – adding a movie to that user’s empty iTunes library
      – updating that movie from “Home Video” to “Movie” (this appears to be a new requirement of iTunes 12)
      – renaming that track to something likely to give you a movie title result
      – setting the movie cover and meta data with Movie Covers
      I hope that this works for you and proves that the Movie Covers does not have a general fault and is having trouble with your particular iTunes library. If it does work, let me know and we can talk about what you can try to overcome that.

    • I just tested Movie Covers on my iMac running 10.10.2. It is working well, but it is very slow. I am unable to improve the speed of this application because of the ay that I am collecting the information.

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