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  1. hey trying to remove movie artwork from iTunes mavericks. can’t seem to find out how. bought your other app instead which is great. can you help me out please?

  2. James – I just installed iTunes Movie Artwork into the latest version of iTunes and discovered that it is out of date. The instructions on your blog as to how to remove the script file do not work for me!! I tried following the path “:Users::Library:iTunes:Scripts:iTunes Movie Artwork.scpt” and the path does not exist!!! Please email me so that you can help me uninstall this script, as it seems to have corrupted iTunes, which is suddenly not working properly!!. My email is jsulmeyer@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

    • I am inclined to remove these instructions on how to remove that old Applescript because I don’t expect anybody to have a copy of it anymore. Where did you get a copy of “iTunes Movie Artwork”? Oh, by the way, “iTunes Movie Artwork” is a different application to “Movie Covers”. Did you mean “Movie Covers”?

  3. I am having the exact same issue as John. I even try to search the script to delete it and can’t find it anywhere. How can I delete this?

    • Where did you get iTMA from? I can see that MacUpdate is hosting an old copy of it, but it correctly says that it has been replaced. I installed that version and then followed the instructions that i’ve offered for removing iTMA and it’s all gone. Is this still a problem for you?

  4. I too need to remove this script.

    Followed all the above instructions to no avail.

    Running OSX Yosemite

    Please help



    • Can you give me some more information? You can still see the applescript appear in the script menu for iTunes, but you can’t find the applescript in the location that the instructions directed you to?

      • John

        I can still see the icon in itunes, and am unable to locate the script to delete it.

        I must be doing something wrong!



        • It only just occurs to me now that those instructions assume that your iTunes library is on your main HDD. Is yours on a different drive? Maybe the Scripts folder is in the iTunes folder there?

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