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  1. The smallest grid size is 10, why? for young children with three letter words, I would like the option of 6,7,8 for grid size.

    Sort the words in the list. The generated puzzle has the words sorted, why not insert new words in alphabetical order?
    Save to a named file: Clipboard is handy, but I would like to be able to save to a file for later editing.

    Puzzles only generate “Forward” words. For older kids (and adults) I would like to be able to have some of the words be in “Reverse” order: “esever”.

    The generation is fast, why not let me preview a puzzle as I add words? random letters in black, puzzle letters in green (or similiar) this would allow me to see how dense the puzzle space is as I write, letting me know when to stop adding words.

    • Ten seemed like a reasonably small grid in which to hide words. If I release a new version i’ll be sure to reduce that limit.

      Putting the puzzle in the clipboard simple removed some complexity from the application. I figured that people would want to split the solution out into a different file or delete it altogether. Anticipating what people wanted to do with the output seemed unlikely to succeed so I didn’t pursue it beyond offering the result in the clipboard and leaving the post-processing to the user in their editor of choice.

      The program will completely jumble the puzzle every time. The addition of a new word might make the intersection of two words inconvenient for the inclusion of the new word and a preview as words are added/removed. This would make a preview an exercise in watching the puzzle randomly re-set the words in different directions. I don’t think that would be as useful as you might be picturing.

  2. Thanks for the smaller limit, that makes doing this for young children much better.

    I get the reduced complexity, but without a save / load I can not iterate on a puzzle (make it better after feedback). The idea is not that I need to consume it in an external editor, but that I can adjust it inside your creator.

    The jumble every time is exactly what I am looking for from the preview. In my survey of people about what makes a jumble fun, they all talk about a mix of horizontal, vertical and diagonal words.
    If I can see a preview, and say “All of those words are lined up horizontally”, then I can cause it to regenerate, and make a more interesting puzzle.

    In addition as I am adding words in, I will look at how many empty spaces are in the puzzle, and decide if I want the space more fully packed.

    • Have you added any words before clicking generate? Can you send the list of words to me so that I can test on my end. A screenshot would also help.

      • Hi there thanks for responding to my queries . l bring up the Ap. type in a word then click ADD word which it does . l finish the list about 18 words then click create puzzle and add to clipboard . where the heck is the clipboard ? list of words shouldn’t matter .dont know how to send screen shot . list of words is as follows; teachers parents guides dangers safety obedience watching alert listening counsel holyghost spiritual temptations scriptures prayers direction. thank you chat soon

        • I was able to generate a puzzle using the words that you provided. The trick is (I think) that you need to open up a word processor and “paste” the puzzle from your clipboard. The clipboard is just where stuff is held when you cut or copy. In Apple’s TextEdit app I just pressed command + V to paste – or from the Edit menu you can select Paste. I chose to do it this way so that people could choose their own fonts and decide what to do with the solutions.

          I hope this helps. Oh, here’s a screenshot…


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